We Buy & Grow Shopify Businesses

The Process of Buying
Shopify Stores

There are three main steps when acquiring a store


Contact is established between the Shopify store owners and Artikuno. We take a high-level look at your key metrics.

Due Diligence

We have an efficient but through process of analysing product, store, revenue, marketing and logistics.


We acquire the store via an asset deal. We are flexible to whether the seller wants to stay involved or move on.

The Buy Strategy:

What We Are Looking For

Annual Revenue between 1 - 5 mil EUR

Lasting Product-Market Fit

15% + Profit Margin

The Build Strategy

How We Add Value


Marketing Channels

Marketing Channels

Most Shopify Businesses  generate >90%+ of their revenue from Facebook & Instagram ads, making them  over-dependent & vulnerable. We will change that

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Customer Service

Customer Service

We will integrate & automate with the latest CRM software for great customer service. Our infrastructure will allow customer service to be fast, personalized & seamless. 


Website Optimization

Website Optimization

We will be constantly A/B testing new ways to increase conversions, which we believe is a never ending process of improvement. Every conversion funnel will be closely analyzed & optimized.




Handling products with lightning speed shipping times in a ‘Amazon Prime’ world is a must. Leveraging our fulfillment network we can minimize logistics cost, while offering competitive shipping times.


Cash Flow

Cash Flow

Many stores struggle with liquidity or cash flow problems. Few stores prioritize minimizing their cash flow cycle or using debt effectively. However we have the tools to do so right from the start.




We work with a team of content creators whose only task is to create and test new content for a given store. Most stores, once they find a winning creative stop testing, however ad fatigue eventually appears and hinders long-term growth.


The Team

Konstantin Hilverth

Konstantin Hilverth

Konstantin holds an Msc in Finance from the University of St Andrews, and an Msc from Oxford University. Passionate about E-commerce Konstantin created multiple successful ecommerce stores with Anton.

YOU!<br/> Shopify Store Owner

Shopify Store Owner

You have a great store that you want to sell to us?

Dont hesitate to get in touch!

Anton Gamolski

Anton Gamolski

Anton completed his BSc at the Warwick Business School. After working in finance, he started to build ecommerce businesses with Konstantin.

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